Monday, 22 January 2018

Hobby update 2018 Week 3

Greetings all, it's that time again where I like to collate all the hobby progress I've made from the week before, updating on both painting and gaming progress. This week I also even have some more built stuff to include!

Saturday, 20 January 2018

May the Hobbyist be fitter - Part 3

Greetings all, welcome to part 3 of my series on being a fitter hobbyist, and all round more healthy person! I've now been monitoring my weight for almost three weeks, and am gradually trying to increase the amounts of physical exercise I'm doing, but in such a fashion that I don't end up pulling/straining something and having to take backwards steps.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Funny Friday 2018 - It's back baby!

I could definitely see Christopher Walken saying something like this! Perfect Imperial Guard General or Inquisitor Lord.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Craftworld Mael Dannan - evolution of a 2k list.

Greetings all,
well, thanks to everyone who voted in the poll to name my Craftworld Army, it really was fun to see how the vote swung back and forth, and very pleasing to see so many people taking part.

Now that I have a name for them, I thought I'd take a quick look at how my list has evolved from my last post on the subject (here).

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Codex Eldar review - Storm Guardians

Greetings all, second review post up for the Eldar, this time I'm having a look at the close combat cousins of the Guardian Defender squad, the Storm Guardians. Don't be fooled into thinking this unit isn't worth a second look!

Monday, 15 January 2018

Hobby update 2018 Week 2

Greetings all, that time of the week again, when I update you on all the lovely hobby progress going on in the Burning Eye domain! This week is a bumper week in some ways, got lots done (well, that's how it feels at the moment, I guess we'll see when it's all laid out won't we!

Saturday, 13 January 2018

May the hobbyist be fitter - Part 2

Greetings all, time for my first update then! I've embarked on a course this year to improve my general health and wellbeing, and lose weight, because this sedentary hobby of ours has been taking its toll on my physique for too many years (honestly when I started at Uni I was a 28" waist. I'm now a 36" with 'stretch').

So, headline result, given nearly two weeks of eating more sensibly (I haven't changed my meals particularly, just made them a more reasonable size) I've managed to lose...

Friday, 12 January 2018

Dusk Knights vs Orks

Greetings all, 
I've got a brief battle report for you all today, from my league game last night. Our league isn't prescriptive about game sizes or fixed lists etc, so I agreed to play a 2000pt game against Andy H and his Orks. 

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Preparing yourself for a game of 8th edition 40k.

Greetings all,

I've got quite a few games of 8th edition behind me now (not as many as some, but I play every week) and one thing that has come to light in my mind is that performing well in a game isn't just a case of bringing a good list and turning up to roll some lucky dice. The depth that GW have managed to impart into 8th edition and therefore the preparation required to give yourself the best chance of winning is also a significant factor. Let's have a closer look at what I mean shall we?

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Codex Eldar Review - Guardian Defenders

Greetings all,

with the advent of the Eldar Codex and my decision to commit to an Eldar army (at last), I thought it would be best to also commit to getting my thoughts on the book onto the blog. I may not be the most experienced Eldar player out there, but I'm do have a good grasp on the current version of the game, so I figured I'd look over the book for you all to (hopefully) benefit from my thoughts.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Hobby Update 2018 week 1

Greetings to you all!

I'm hoping to do something a little different with my hobby updates this year. Whilst it'll still be a basic update on everything I've done in the week, I'm hoping to do more than just provide pics too, I'll try and squeeze in little game reports where I can, and anything narrative that I've been working on for the brotherhood will get covered too.

So, without any further waffle (mmm, waffles) from me, let's jump right in then shall we?

Brotherhood terrain:

So, hopefully you're all aware of the Grim Dark Brotherhood and the events we're aiming to hold this year. We've all been busy getting ready for this, and much of my recent painting time not working on commissions has been to this end. Here are some promethium pipes I'm working on to a scheme from an old issue of White Dwarf.

The scheme starts with a leadbelcher base coat.

The main part of the pipe then gets a layer of skullcrusher brass, whilst minor pipes get a similar coat of fulgurite copper, and the banding just gets tidied up with leadbelcher.

Here's a close up of that stage.

I then decided to focus on getting one of the pipes to the finished stage. I'll take more photos of the others during the intermediate stage, but from the above picture, it gets a wash of agrax earthshade (doesn't everything?) then Nihilakh oxide is applied to the pipe joins and streaked down (taking care to make sure the streaks appear realistic).

Finally, the whole pipe has Rhinox Hide sponged on to suit your preferred depth of weathering. I might go back and add a little Ryza Rust just to the leadbelchered areas from here but its essentially complete at this point.


I've been working for a while on some daemons for Siph from the Weemen blog. It's safe to say the Bloodcrushers have taken much longer than I'd anticipated, though in part that's my fault for putting them on a white basecoat. They're almost done now though, only a few details left to finish.

Game report: Eldar v Thousand Sons 4/1/18

Highly exciting moment last week, as Craftworld Mael Dannan took to the tabletop for the first time in a little game against one of the guys from MAD Wargaming.

My list wasn't exactly optimised for 850pts, but then I suspect neither was my opponent's. Basically I had 500pts that I'm planning on using for the brotherhood tale, plus the other stuff I've bought so far (mainly because I saw it on the shelf in my FLGS and as they're out of stock everywhere else I couldn't resist).

So, my list was:
Faseer Skyrunner with witchblade
6 Windriders with shuriken catapults
6 Windriders with scatter lasers
1 Vyper with bright lance and shuriken cannon
1 Fire Prism with spirit stones
1 Wave serpent with vectored engines and spirit stones, 3 shuriken cannons.

My opponent's list was:
Daemon Prince (with a bolter and sword of some kind)
5 Rubric Marines with warpflamer and aspiring sorceror
Rhino with combi plasma and havoc launcher
Twin las predator with havoc launcher
Defiler with battle cannon, reaper autocannon, combi plasma?
2 squads of 10 cultists

We played one of the new maelstrom missions, Kill Confirmed, which prevented us from discarding 'destroy unit' objectives unless they were impossible, and final scores would also include the number of units destroyed.

I managed to get the first turn, and having put my shuriken catapult windriders into the webway, I opened up with everything else. Much of my fire bounced off sadly, though I did manage to strip some wounds off the predator, the Fire Prism targeted the defiler with its prism cannon firing on lance mode, but the daemon made both of its invulnerable saves (it kept doing this, I reckon it made 6-7 5+ saves in a row. Had my opponent's dice not deserted him in other ways I'd have felt hard done by!)

The Thousand Sons advanced on my lines, throwing lots of fire into the Wave Serpent and the Rubrics getting into position to charge the scatter laser windriders, who then fell back from the assault. The catapult windriders emerged from the webway near the daemon prince, and with the aid of the farseer (guide and doom) put 6 wounds through his defences in one volley. He charged into them in response but whiffed his chance (4 out of 5 hits failed to wound) and was killed after they fell back in the following turn. The Vyper stripped out most of the Rubrics while the scatter jetbikes wiped out one unit of cultists. The predator/defiler and fire prism/wave serpent traded fire for several turns, but the tide finally turned my way when the farseer was able to turn his attention (smite) on the defiler and the last scatter jetbikes moved up in support. The Farseer charged the second unit of cultists to keep them from shooting him, before falling back out and allowing the scatter windriders to mop up the unit.

All in all, a decent first game for the Eldar, 23-8. The Fire Prism wasn't as effective as I would have liked, but sometimes you just have to accept that an invun save works that way, in another game I could have taken down the defiler on turn 1 and my opponent might have felt hard done by. I certainly think however that for other games at this level, I'd look at either changing up the weapons on the Wave Serpent or replacing it with a couple more vypers, whilst it's a very good tank, I felt it was a little wasted sitting back and just shooting all game. My only other real learning point would be that I need to be a little more careful about discharging the serpent shield - I fired it off on turn 1 to help hurt the predator, but in hindsight I think the reduction in return damage from keeping it active would have made more sense. In the very next turn it took 9 damage from the defiler's battle cannon that would have been reduced to 6, more than matching the mortal wounds I caused by using it to fire. I can see that in later turns when there's a target that needs killing, it would be a really useful tool to have in my locker, but using it so early I kind of wasted its effectiveness.

Next week's game is for the Dusk Knights to play against Orks, but I'll probably try and write that one up as a formal batrep as it's a league match at my club.

Till next time!

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Arbitrary milestones - 400,000 views and 600 posts

Hi all, just a quick post today to celebrate another arbitrary milestone for the blog - I'm into my 6th year of doing this now, and I honestly never considered that I'd either keep blogging for so long, or be so productive.

Over the Christmas period, the blog ticked over into the 400,000 views category, something of which I'm very proud, and according to my stats I've also published over 600 posts!

I'm honestly very flattered, considering that my first 200,000 views took me 4 years to achieve, to have gained another 200,000 views in 14 months is pretty staggering to my way of thinking. Thank you to you all for coming back, I hope I can continue to give you content that you want to read (and that you'll try and join me when the brotherhood start holding events this year).

Till next time,

Saturday, 6 January 2018

May the hobbyist be fitter - part 1

Greetings all, welcome to the first in a new series here on the burning eye, and one that doesn't really immediately jump out as one that gels perfectly with the main principle of the blog. Bear with me though, because there's a reason for this.